Case Summaries

Trespass and Prowling

On a cold night in January a young man was found by the police banging on the front door of a home attempting to gain entrance. He had no business there and was arrested for Criminal Trespass, a felony 2 and Loitering and prowling a misdemeanor 3. He appeared disoriented and had some "foam" at the corners of his mouth. He told the police that he was on his way to his mother's house, got on the wrong train and got lost. He also stated that he had been on a drug "bender" for 3 days using heroin. He spent six days in the Montgomery County Prison before he was able to post bail. This arrest was a probation violation in Philadelphia and if convicted he would be sent back to prison in Philadelphia.

I was contacted by his family and retained. Once in the case I was able to determine that the young man suffers from a seizure disorder and gathered documentation that confirmed his illness. Just prior to his preliminary hearing, I had a conference with the arresting officer and convinced him that my client was engaged in a drug rehab program and was indeed subject to seizures that rendered him confused and disoriented and with no memory of what occurred during the seizure. The charges were withdrawn.

Sexual Assault

I Represented a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, high school student on a Criminal Defense matter who engaged in some ill-advised horseplay with a female classmate friend consisting of poking her in the chest area on the bus home from school. As a result, he was charged (of) with indecent assault and other similar offenses. After some lengthy consultations, it was clear there was absolutely no intent on his part to engage in any sexual activity nor was the conduct intended to arouse sexual desire for him or his female friend as required by the statute as an element of the offense. If convicted of the initial crimes charged, he was likely to end up as a registered sex offender. He had no prior contacts with the police or discipline problems at school.

After discussions with the lead detective, the most serious charges were withdrawn. Further discussions with the prosecutor allowed my client to enter a plea to a lesser offense that would not ruin his future. He was placed on probation and engaged in some counseling and community service. This was all done with the consent of the girl and her family. He is now successfully pursuing his college studies.

Retail Theft

A young woman came into the office charged with retail theft in Doylestown, Bucks County. It was one of those cases where she could have easily paid for the items since she was a well educated professional with a good job and no prior record. In my experience, these facts triggered the thought that there were other issues that caused this behavior and recommended that she get counseling. The client went into counseling and has benefited greatly in solving her underlying problems. As a result, she was accepted into the ARD program and the charges against her will eventually be dismissed.

Not All Cases Are Won in the Courtroom

Many cases, if not most, are won outside the court room by preparation, investigation, and research. By using those tools, a case can be presented to the police and/or the District Attorney to obtain a favorable and fair result.

Another factor is experience and reputation with the District Attorney's Office, county court judges, local police officers and judges in Abington, Willow Grove, Hatboro, Cheltenham, Jenkintown, Ambler, Elkins Park, Horsham, Huntingdon Valley, Souderton, Lansdale, Blue Bell, Whitpain, Rockledge, Bryn Athyn, Springfield, Upper Dublin, Whitemarsh, and other municipalities in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and Bucks County.

There is no substitute for reputation and experience and it has to be earned over time. I bring all of these factors into play when I represent a client and have been doing so for over 40 years in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and Bucks County.