Facing Criminal Mischief Or Vandalism Charges? I Can Help

What begins as a prank can lead to charges of criminal mischief, vandalism or other offenses. If you are accused of a crime such as this, make sure you seek a skilled attorney to protect your rights.

At my practice, Theodore H. Swan, Jr., Attorney at Law, I defend people accused of criminal mischief, institutional vandalism, and other property crimes in Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I have more than 40 years of experience in the fields of criminal law and juvenile crimes, and work to obtain the appropriate outcome in every case I handle.

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Understanding What You Face for Vandalism Charges

The severity of a criminal mischief or vandalism charge depends on the amount of property damage involved:

Value of Damage Charge Sentence
$5,000 or more3rd-degree felonyUp to seven years in prison
$1,000 up to $5,0002nd-degree misdemeanorUp to two years in prison
$500 up to $1,0003rd-degree misdemeanorUp to one year in prison
Up to $500Summary offenseUp to 90 days in jail

As the chart indicates, a small difference in the value of damage in a case can result in a significantly higher or lower potential penalty if convicted. The amount of damage can be subject to interpretation, providing a possible defense strategy. It also means that there may be some room to negotiate to obtain a lesser charge.

As your Bucks County lawyer, I will look at all possible defenses in your case, using my experience and knowledge to obtain results for you. This could include a dismissal of the charge, a negotiated plea that minimizes penalties or an acquittal at trial.

If This Your First Offense, You Have Additional Options

If so, you may be eligible for Pennsylvania's Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program (probation without verdict). This can result in a complete dismissal of the charge, following your successful completion of probation.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have a great deal of experience working with prosecutors and judges to secure these types of outcomes for my clients. If you are eligible and want this type of outcome, I will work to obtain it for you. This can give you a second chance and preserve your educational and career options.

Facing Vandalism Charges in Montgomery County? Attorney Theodore H. Swan Jr. Can Help.

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