Protect Your Future After Accusations Of A Juvenile Crime

If it is not handled properly, a youthful bad decision can have lasting consequences long into the future. With the help of an experienced lawyer, it may be possible to avoid a criminal record and potential harm to the child's educational and career opportunities.

At my practice, Theodore H. Swan, Jr., Attorney at Law, I have successfully represented numerous young people accused of crimes in Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I work with prosecutors, judges and social service professionals to help troubled young people get outcomes that can enable them to move forward in their lives in a positive manner.

I represent juveniles accused of all types of crimes, including:

  • Underage drinking
  • Drug possession
  • Retail theft
  • Vandalism and criminal mischief
  • Breaking and entering
  • Assault

Call me at 267-415-6130 for a free initial consultation. I can assess your child's situation and discuss what my firm can do to protect his or her future.

The Difference Is Experience

I have over 40 years experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. During that time, I have handled juvenile crime cases of all types, ranging from shoplifting and underage drinking to violent crimes.

In your case, I will work to obtain the best outcome possible in your case — one that preserves your child's future options and that minimizes the effects on your child's future.

Rehabilitation, Not Punishment

Whenever possible, judges in Pennsylvania favor rehabilitative approaches rather than criminal punishment in juvenile crime cases. I work aggressively at all stages of the legal process to obtain mitigated outcomes for my juvenile clients — to minimize or avoid punishments and to protect their educational and career options.

In many cases, youthful first-offenders may be eligible to be placed on an expungement list. Upon successful completion of the juvenile supervision, the case and record may be expunged. I have negotiated many juvenile cases, some of which were serious in nature (including robbery, drug and certain sexual offenses), to be placed on the expungement list in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

I will work closely with your child, your family and people in the juvenile justice system to get an appropriate outcome.

Talk With An Experienced Attorney

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