A Strong Strategy For Your Case Based On Decades Of Experience

I will thoroughly investigate your case and the circumstances of your arrest. After I understand the facts and legal issues in your case, we will discuss your legal options. These include seeking a dismissal, a negotiated plea to a lesser charge or a Section 17 outcome. In some cases, it may make sense to seek an acquittal at trial, though this course of action does carry some risks. Together, we will decide on the right strategy in your case.

I Understand How Prosecutors Think And Will Work Vigorously To Defend You

In my 40-plus years of criminal defense experience, I have defended a large number of people accused of drug possession (marijuana, cocaine, "oxy" and heroin), possession of paraphernalia, illegal possession of prescription drugs and other drug crimes in Montgomery County and Bucks County in Pennsylvania.

I will then work aggressively to obtain the best outcome possible, given the particular circumstances of your case. Call Theodore H. Swan, Jr., Attorney at Law, for help today at 267-415-6130.

What Is Section 17? How Can It Help Me?

First-time offenders in cases involving drug possession and other misdemeanor offenses may be eligible for a Section 17 outcome. This allows you to avoid conviction and jail, provided that you successfully complete probation. Not everyone can qualify for Section 17, but if you do, it can enable you to put the event behind you while protecting your educational and career options.

I have helped many people obtain Section 17 outcomes, and if it is possible, I will use my experience to obtain such an outcome for you. At the conclusion of a successful probation, I can then petition the court to expunge the charge from your record.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer Who Can Fight The Charges Against You

Drug possession charges often come about as the result of a traffic stop. In addition to defending a drug charge itself, I can defend against other charges arising from the same event such as a drunk driving charge or traffic violation.

Don't let one mistake ruin your educational and job prospects. Call me at 267-415-6130 or send an email to arrange for a free consultation.