What Is Mandatory Minimum Sentencing?

If you have been charged with marijuana or crack/cocaine possession in Pennsylvania, there are serious potential consequences. Certain drug possession charges can result in strict mandatory minimum sentencing under Pennsylvania drug laws. Mandatory minimum means an automatic sentence with absolutely no discretion or leniency by a judge.

In Pennsylvania, the weight of drugs a person is charged with possession of has a profound effect on the length of jail time. Filler or binder is included in this weight. If a drug is contained inside of another object (such as a marijuana brownie) the gross weight of the entire object is what determines a sentence.

The district attorney can invoke a mandatory minimum sentence of three to six years for 3 ounces of crack cocaine.

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Drug charge convictions can affect your driver's license status. In Pennsylvania, if you are convicted of any drug charge, even if the charge was unrelated to your vehicle, you will lose your driver's license for one entire year.

Minors And First-Time Offenders Have Additional Options

If you are a minor, college student or first-time offender, I can help you. I have extensive experience in juvenile criminal defense. In some cases, a first-time offender can avoid a conviction under Section 17. I can examine the facts of your case and discuss your legal options.

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