DUI Case Results

Over the years, I have defended people against DUI charges stemming from a variety of events, from drinking too much and driving home after office parties to underage DUI to driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Below you will find a few short summaries of cases I have handled with success. If you choose me as your lawyer, you can rest assured that I will work hard to achieve a positive outcome in your case, as I was able to achieve in these examples:

  • DUI second offense: I represented a prominent member of the community three years ago in his first DUI and was able to get him approved into ARD, which he completed successfully. About six months after the completion and the expungement of his records, he was stopped and arrested for a second DUI that included drugs and alcohol. Under Pennsylvania law this would result in a mandatory 90 days to five years, $1,500 in fines and an 18-month suspension of his license.I was able to negotiate the BAC/impairment to a general impairment and arranged for 30 days inpatient treatment at a rehab facility. In addition, since he is a veteran, I was able to get him into a special Veterans' Court. He was allowed full credit for the inpatient treatment as incarceration, and he is continuing with his rehab and is working on the underlying reasons for the alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Prior conviction: I represented a young man for a DUI in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, for a first offense with a blood alcohol level of over .09. The problem for him was a prior non-DUI conviction in another county. He needed his license without a suspension so he wouldn't lose his job. After discussing the case with the Assistant D.A. assigned to the case, I was able to resolve it with a plea with no suspension and six months probation.
  • Drug-related DUI: A client came into the office charged with DUI in Abington, not based on alcohol consumption but rather prescription medication. In Pennsylvania, you can be arrested and convicted of DUI for being under the influence of prescription drugs that you lawfully possessed if the combination of drugs or the amount of drugs in your system exceeds the medically allowed levels and renders a person incapable of safe driving.In this case, the client had taken his medication as prescribed and had a reaction to the medication, which led to a minor one-car accident. This was the first time he had this kind of reaction to his medication. After investigation and consulting the client's doctor, which included a change in medication, I was able to convince the arresting officer to withdraw the charges based on a written report from the doctor that it was the unforeseen reaction to the medication that caused the problem and that since the medication was changed, there were no more incidents or adverse reactions.

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