Helping Underage People Through The Legal Process

Young people, as we all know, make mistakes. Drinking before the age of 21 and then getting behind the wheel is certainly one of those mistakes. A conviction can lead to lengthy driver's license suspensions, a criminal record, and difficulty getting jobs and educational opportunities in the future. If you are a young person accused of DUI, or if you are a parent whose child is accused, reach out to an experienced attorney for help.

Protecting Your Child's Future From Youthful Mistakes

I am Theodore H. Swan Jr., a lawyer with decades of experience handling cases involving underage drinking, DUI, drug charges and juvenile crimes in Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. From my office in Abington, I work to minimize the consequences of youthful mistakes and to protect the educational and career options of juveniles accused of crimes.

Your child's future is important to me, and I will do everything possible to obtain a positive outcome in his or her case. Call (267) 415-6130 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation in Abington or other location convenient for you.

Fighting The Automatic Driver's License Suspension

A citation for underage drinking requires an effective and immediate response. Before simply paying the fine and accepting the automatic 90-day driver's license suspension, talk with me. Whenever possible, I seek dismissal of the charge or a reduction to a lesser charge such as disorderly conduct. This can enable the young person to keep his or her driver's license, without affecting educational or career options.

Judges seek outcomes focused on rehabilitation rather than criminal punishment when young people are involved. Alternatives that keep the child's criminal record clean are encouraged. Even in a second offense case, a mitigated outcome involving counseling and community service can often be obtained.

Don't risk your child's future over a youthful indiscretion such as underage drinking. I will act with skill and determination to minimize the penalties your child faces and to keep his or her record clean.

Contact Me For A Free Consultation

It is possible to fight the automatic driver's license suspension and other consequences of an underage drinking charge. Call me, Theodore H. Swan, at (267) 415-6130 or email my Abington office.