What My Clients Have Said

"Mr. Swan is an awesome lawyer for sure."

"I procrastinated acquiring legal service, had big tickets pending and a terrible driving history. Upon meeting Mr. Swan I felt he was down to earth and a straight shooter.

At the hearing he was very smooth and professional. His success with my situation seems nothing short of a miracle and he did it graciously. I was impressed and honestly surprised as I didn't think it was possible to have such a positive outcome."

-Greg, a DUI client

"Terrific Guy as well as a Terrific Attorney! He explained the entire process and answered all my questions. He got me through a tough time with knowledge and grace. Thanks again Ted, your the Best."

-Mike, a DUI client

"Last year my son was arrested for serious offenses including indecent assault. We called Mr. Swan and made an appointment. He carefully listened to my son's side of the story and was able to figure out what really happened. Because of his experience as a prosecutor and long years as a defense lawyer, he was able to talk to the detective on the case and the District Attorney. The most serious charges were withdrawn. Mr. Swan stayed on top of this and provided the best advice and counsel to my son and our family. He saved my son's future."

"Last year I was arrested for a DUI and went to Mr. Swan for help. While waiting for that case to come to court, I was arrested again for a second DUI. He was able to get me into counseling and rehab for alcohol abuse. As a result, I was able to have the rehab count toward mandatory jail time and did not have to spend time in jail. In addition, he was able to work it so the two cases were counted as two first offenses rather than a first and second offense which could have meant additional time in jail. I would recommend him to anyone who has been arrested."

"In January 2008, an occasion arose that I needed a lawyer to represent a friend of mine for serious charges. I sent several e-mails out to lawyers that I had found on the Internet who specialized in the type of representation my friend needed. Ted was the very first to call and seemed the most concerned, so I chose him for representation. Over time I have learned that Ted has the background and the credibility in this area of Pennsylvania that has earned him a great reputation."

"Over the past year and a half plus Ted has kept on top of everything and when the it came time for him to show his professionalism, he performed in a manner that really counted. He was there every time he was needed. He was patient but very upfront with my friend and me during this ordeal. His research in handling the defense was impeccable."