Understanding The PennDOT Point System

Drivers across Pennsylvania are familiar with the PennDOT point system, but most don't have a great ideal of what's actually at stake until they get in trouble.

Every licensed driver in the state has a driving record. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) keeps track of your driving record and assigns point for infractions. As soon as a driver accumulates even six or more points, the state begins to take corrective actions.

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What The Points Mean

After the first accumulation of six points, drivers will be required to take a special examination, which will address safe driving practices. Upon completion, two points may be removed from the record.

After a second accumulation of six points, drivers will face a 15-day license suspension, as well as an on-road examination, which will be decided at a departmental hearing. Again, two points may be removed for completion.

Following a third accumulation of six points, drivers will again face a hearing and a 30-day suspension.

After 11 points are accumulated, the driver will face an automatic suspension.

For a more thorough breakdown on the points system, visit the PennDOT site.*

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