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Grand jury investigation yields drug charges against 25 people

After a grand jury investigation, 25 people in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area have been charged with a litany of drug trafficking and other related charges. Authorities say that the central figure of the case was profiting to the tune of $2,000 to $3,000 a week from the operation. That man has been charged with multiple possession and intent-to-deliver charges involving cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana as well as corruption and firearms charges.

Man giving information to police now faces drug charges

Humans do not always make the best decisions, even when they have the best intentions. Drug crimes, in particular, often stem from poor decision-making. For instance, earlier this month a man was at a Pennsylvania police station to give information about a case and ended up facing five charges himself, including drug charges.

Turn out the lights, the party's over for two suspects

Two 20-year-old men allegedly set up a scheme to swindle upper-class partiers out of their gifts at two country clubs in the Northampton area. The pair crashed three parties during the spring as they stole close to $10,000 from their victims, authorities say. At each party, the men escalated in their brazenness, increasing the amount of money they took at the events, which included a bat mitzvah and two weddings. One of the men now accused allegedly attended parties where he knew no one, mingled with guests, socialized, consumed food and drinks and stole money and checks from the guests of honor. He wore appropriate party attire so that he blended in with the other guests. His co-defendant waited outside in an escape vehicle so the pair could quickly flee, according to investigators. Other related incidents of theft and stolen property in a nearby town are still under investigation.

Man convicted of attempted murder wants prison sentence reduced

An Upper Providence, Pennsylvania, man who attacked his wife and teenage daughter with a knife has filed paperwork requesting that the courts review his prison sentence. The courts sentenced him to between 15 and 34 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation supervision for attempted murder and aggravated assault. The paperwork claims he does not pose a threat to others. The man's attorney also expressed their view that the man is not a danger to the community. He elaborated that the man does not have a prior criminal history and previously demonstrated solid morals. The lawyer also explained that the crime was out of character for the normally responsible citizen and that the injuries the victim received were not life-threatening. The attorney opined that the sentence was overly punitive.


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