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Curwensville man to serve prison term over drug charges

A Curwensville, Pennsylvania, man was sentenced to serve time at the state correctional institution for the crime of delivery of a controlled substance by mail, a drug crime. The defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with the intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. He received a $1 fine on each charge and was sentenced to a prison term of between two and four years. His wife received four years of probation for drug offenses that derived from the same investigation. Law enforcement personnel received reports of suspicious packages being mailed back and forth from California; these packages were mailed to the defendant's wife. About 16 packages were mailed to California while 11 packages arrived at local post offices. When another package arrived, the police were contacted, and a K-9 unit was dispatched to sniff it. When the dog alerted its handler to the possible presence of drugs, investigators requested a search warrant, which revealed marijuana in the parcel. The suspect's wife came to the post office the following day to retrieve the parcel and was arrested.

Charges filed in unsolved robbery after DNA match

A robbery at a pharmacy in Pennsylvania remained unsolved for over a year until law enforcement personnel connected the crime to a man in custody in Delaware. Clothing held as evidence provided a DNA sample that led to charges in the robbery of the since-closed pharmacy. The suspect faces numerous charges, including both misdemeanors and felonies, such as theft crimes and robberies. According to court documents, his criminal data returned a match to the DNA collected from the clothing.

Man accused of assault after arguing due to Dr. Phil show topic

A Pennsylvania man was accused of injuring his girlfriend after they argued about about the topic of the "Dr. Phil" show. After the alleged domestic assault, the man was taken into custody and charged with harassment and simple assault. The couple was involved in a heated discussion about the custody of their young child as well as previous relationships. The victim told law enforcement personnel that they were watching the "Dr. Phil" show together, which was about past relationships. The show sparked the argument between the two. The suspect has admitted to the argument but denies he injured her. However, the woman had injuries that substantiated her accusations. In addition, the police found a vase that was allegedly broken during the altercation.

Montgomery County case dismissed when evidence thrown out

After a judge agreed to suppress evidence in a Montgomery County criminal case, the charges were thrown out of court. The defendant was released and his drug charges and related offenses stemming from the arrest were dismissed. The defendant's attorney argued that law enforcement personnel conducted an improper search of his client's vehicle. He added that this case could encourage those who might feel victimized by authorities who overstep their boundaries. He continued to explain that the vehicle was impounded without a traditional search warrant or without probable cause, which violated his client's rights, and he expressed the relief his client felt at the decision.

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