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Defendant sentenced in DV assault against new mom

A 23-year-old male recently confessed to punching the mother of his newborn baby at a Philadelphia medical facility. The January 2012 domestic assault incident occurred as they reportedly argued over naming their infant while his girlfriend was in the maternity ward; the suspect pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for the occurrence. According to court documents, law enforcement personnel investigated the defendant after a domestic disturbance call from the hospital. The new mother claimed that the couple was arguing over the infant's name. The defendant kicked a table toward her. As he held the baby, he pushed the mother, and she fell. He placed the infant in a crib but continued to call the mother names, and he struck the mother in the face twice.

Retail chain reports three thefts within two days

During the two-day period of Jan. 17 and Jan. 18, the North Coventry Police Department were dispatched to a large retail store on three different occasions for reports of theft crimes. Two women and a man were taken into custody for the charges. However, the women face lesser charges while the man has been charged with a felony. CityRating.com reports that North Coventry has a higher rate of theft than the state or national average. According to the statistics, offenders in the region commit thefts and larceny crimes more than any other crime, and the rate is 10 percent above the rest of the state average. However, violent crime and property crimes overall are declining in North Coventry.

Traffic stop escalates to impaired driving arrest

After a 26-year-old man was stopped by law enforcement personnel for expired registration, he was taken into custody for impaired driving. On Jan. 29, a police officer saw the Bristol man driving a car with expired tags. After the officer stopped the individual, he suspected that the man was driving under the influence. The trooper administered field sobriety tests, which the man allegedly failed. He now faces DUI charges.

Two Fulton County men face marijuana charges

Authorities related that two Fulton County, Pennsylvania suspects, ages 50 and 35, face drug charges, including delivery and possession of a controlled substance. After an undercover investigation that lasted 10 days, police arrested the men on suspicion of drug trafficking. One of the men is accused of cultivating marijuana and selling it to the second man. Authorities intercepted the pair during an alleged drug transaction at the buyer's apartment in January. A subsequent search of the residence revealed cash, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs. Police found about 10 pounds of marijuana, paraphernalia and several guns at the seller's residence and also took possession of his vehicle.

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