Mega grocery-store cashier suspected in theft ring in Pennsylvania

Authorities are looking at a mega grocery-store cashier and her spouse as the prime suspects in a ring of recent thefts from one of their stores in the Philadelphia area. The couple is believed to have been involved in the theft crimes after they worked with a minimum of three other workers to steal $60,000 worth of product. Authorities are also searching for a 19-year-old employee and are still trying to identify other people who may have been involved in the theft ring.

The woman allegedly checked out a large order of product but would only ring up one inexpensive item without paying for the rest of items. Other store employees believed that the cashier was acting appropriately and conducting a legitimate sale. A law enforcement officer showed a surveillance video that allegedly captured the woman's actions to a reporter.

In addition to facing possible serious consequences, people who are accused of stealing from their employers will lose their jobs and sources of income. They could suffer a variety of repercussions including fines, restitution, probation, community service hours and time in custody.

Law enforcement personnel and witnesses can struggle to identify people on surveillance video due to the grainy images and overall bad quality of the tapes. In Pennsylvania, criminal defense attorneys might be able to argue against misidentification of clients and work to ensure that their rights be protected. The attorneys try to review the images in order to protect clients, and they might ask for dismissals of the charges based on a lack of evidence.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, "Walmart Employee Theft Scheme," Lauren DiSanto, April 4, 2013

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