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Pennsylvania high school vandalized

Three former students are accused of damaging Youngsville High School during the weekend of June 15 to 16. The officials describe the damage as almost 30 computer monitors in the computer lab and walls in other rooms painted with spray paint. Some of the spray painted images were graphic in nature.

Macungie man suspected of dealing heroin

An alleged drug dealer is facing multiple charges according to local police. The 26-year-old Macungie man was allegedly distributing heroin, and police further stated that he was found to be in possession of steroids, cocaine and miscellaneous prescription medications. The Macungie man is facing these drug charges after being allegedly caught selling the drugs with the use of confidential informants.

Racial bias common in marijuana arrests

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in a study on marijuana arrests released by the New York Times. Evidence shows that the rates of marijuana use among blacks and whites are about the same. However, nationwide, blacks were arrested nearly four times as frequently as whites on marijuana-related charges in 2010. In six states, plus the District of Columbia, that number rises to over five times as many arrests. Pennsylvania is, unfortunately, one of those six states.

Mother with meth lab charged

On a daily basis, individuals are arrested on drug crime related charges. Recently, a mother of three younger children was arrested on drug charges after she was allegedly found in a meth lab trailer with her children. According to officers, the woman was a 24-year-old from Mount Carmel.


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