Pennsylvania high school vandalized

Three former students are accused of damaging Youngsville High School during the weekend of June 15 to 16. The officials describe the damage as almost 30 computer monitors in the computer lab and walls in other rooms painted with spray paint. Some of the spray painted images were graphic in nature.

The worst damage to the high school came from the young men allegedly discharging over 12 fire extinguishers, according to district officials. The acting superintendent of the district claimed that the damage can't be cleaned off with water and a mop. It must be professionally cleaned. The young men were charged with vandalism, burglary, criminal mischief and conspiracy. District officials allege that the vandalism was the worst they've ever seen. They did not say how long it will take to make repairs or buy new equipment.

The Youngsville High School principal claimed it was probably one of the worst cases of institutional vandalism he has ever seen. Police say that video surveillance in the school building helped them identify the alleged suspects.

It is not known if the young men were charged as adults or as juveniles. However, individuals facing juvenile charges are often helped by a criminal lawyer who specializes in juvenile crimes. The lawyer may look at the facts involved in the client's case to see what can be used to prove his or her innocence. The lawyer may work to lower charges to a different defense. In addition, he or she may work with the opposing counsel to work out a deal that would give the minor less time in a facility or provide other treatment options.

Source:, "Vandalism at Youngsville High School", Paul Wagner, June 18, 2013

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