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Credit card use triggers charges of theft in Pennsylvania

Two men in Pennsylvania were charged with theft after credit cards from a stolen purses was used. Around 1 p.m. on July 26, in Bellwood near Main Street, a woman reported that her purse had been stolen. According to the woman, the window in her car had been broken and her purse taken while she was inside a restaurant. Nearly an hour later, a purse was taken from another parked car, this one off West 10th Street in Tyrone.

21-year-old man accused of attacking grandma

On July 16, a 21-year-old man appeared in a Pennsylvania court and was scheduled for trial after he allegedly attacked his grandmother in June. The 13 charges include aggravated assault stemming from three incidents when he supposedly threatened the life of his 70-year-old grandmother and hurt her. He was held with no bail.

Man faces charges for assault, DUI

A Pennsylvania man has been charged for allegedly causing a crash while intoxicated and then driving his car into a police cruiser. He faces a variety of charges, including aggravated assault. The initial accident happened at approximately 8:30 pm on July 10 on Sugar Maple Street in Paint Township. The 38-year-old driver of a Suzuki Vitara allegedly forced another driver off the road, causing that car to hit several mailboxes.

Police arrest 17 in Operation Shape Up

A drug investigation that began in November, 2012 has culminated in the arrest of 17 people in Pennsylvania. The men and women were each given a bond of either $1 million or $500,000. The alleged leader of the operation faces multiple drug charges, including criminal use of a communication facility, criminal conspiracy to deliver marijuana and cocaine, two counts of corrupt organizations, two counts of delivery of marijuana and cocaine and two counts of possession with the intent to deliver marijuana and cocaine.

Pennsylvania man charged with armed robbery and assault

A Pennsylvania man who was charged for armed robbery was reported to be out on bail at the time following other similar charges. The police have reported that the 19-year-old man had robbed two individuals with another person while both were armed with firearms. He will be charged with felony charges including robbery and theft and is being held on bail of $500,000.

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