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Bullied student charged with disorderly conduct

Bullying is a big issue in our schools nowadays, or at least an issue that has been receiving increased attention in recent years. Part of the reason for this is, no doubt, that schools are anxious to address behavioral and social issues early on so as to avoid escalation and school violence. Bullies, of course, are unfortunately often able to fly below the radar, sometimes leaving the victim without much response to teachers and school authorities.

Choose expert witnesses carefully when building DUI defense

When an individual is arrested for suspected DUI, there are a couple ways police officers can support a citation. One way is by administering an official breath test. If the result of such a test is 0.08 or above, an individual can be charged without needing to provide other evidence, provided the breath test was properly administered and accurately read.

DUI defendant requests change of venue

When it comes to criminal defense, it is important for defendants to exercise their rights. One important right is that of a fair trial. When having a fair trial becomes a challenge, criminal defendants are able to petition to have their case transferred to a location where they will be better able to have a fair trial.

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