Man in Pennsylvania charged with drunk driving

Police believe a man may have been drunk behind the wheel when he allegedly forgot to put up the landing gear of his tractor-trailer, dragging the door for some distance. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the man on suspicion of drunk driving back on Nov. 18. It is unclear whether he is currently in police custody, but he has retained counsel. 

Authorities say the man was spotted driving his vehicle with the rear landing gear of his tractor-trailer dragging behind him, leaving a trail of sparks. Police subsequently stopped and questioned the man, who allegedly told officers on site that he had consumed between 9 and 12 beers while napping inbetween. He said he had slept for some time before getting back on the road. 

Apparently, a blood sample was conducted or a Breathalyzer test was taken, because police say the man's blood alcohol level was at .10 -- which is above the .08 legal limit in Pennsylvania -- at the time of his arrest. He was charged with drunk driving, and a search of his vehicle had allegedly revealed two unopened beers in his lunch bag. He told officers he had merely forgotten to retract the landing gear. 

Too much of this case remains unclear to accurately determine whether a guilty ruling is likely on the charge of drunk driving. Pennsylvania prosecutors will have to justify the charge using evidence like a positive Breathalyzer test, and furthermore they will have to prove that officers respected due process during the arrest process. Any failure to do so on their part could render key evidence inadmissible and may lead to the case being thrown out entirely.

Source:, "Police: Sparking trailer gave away drunken trucker", Dec. 1, 2014

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