Pennsylvania man accused of DUI after bizarre incident

A man has been charged with several infractions after he apparently drove 11 miles with another man on the hood of his SUV. Pennsylvania police finally stopped the bizarre incident after the 46-year-old man had driven through no fewer than seven towns with a 36-year-old man clinging to the hood of his vehicle. The 46-year-old is now facing charges, including assault and DUI. 

Apparently the incident began with an argument in which the 36-year-old man allegedly attempted to damage the other man's vehicle. The argument reportedly stemmed from the 46-year-old spending time with the younger man's girlfriend. At this point, the driver apparently struck the other man with his vehicle, setting off the 11-mile trip. 

Police finally stopped the ride after receiving several 911 calls from other motorists. The driver contended that he did not hit the other man intentionally, but he had leaped on the vehicle as he attempted to drive away. When asked why he did not stop, he said he feared the other man had a weapon. It is unclear how police determined that the man had been drinking, but the DUI charge remains, along with assault and aggravated assault charges. No trial date has been set. 

Despite the bizarre circumstances surrounding this incident, the possibility remains that the driver was not actually guilty of DUI, even though he drove a considerable distance with another man on the hood of his vehicle. Pennsylvania police will have to prove they took measures to test the man's sobriety in accordance with his rights. While the assault charges may still stand, the DUI charge could be shot down if sufficient evidence is not provided. 

Source:, "Man rides 11 miles on hood of SUV in Pennsylvania", Ben Hooper, April 21, 2015

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