DUI suspect arrested in Pennsylvania

Police are claiming a man they arrested for suspected drunk driving was belligerent in a most unusual way. Pennsylvania police said the DUI suspect was uncooperative and, according to the police report, allegedly intentionally flatulent upon his arrest. In addition to the DUI charge, he also faces charges for disorderly conduct and driving without a license. 

Police say they pulled the 52-year-old man over for reasons they did not fully articulate. They did say they were in the process of attempting to explain the roadside sobriety tests they were about to administer to the man when he became uncooperative. Police allege the man became disrespectful and flatulent, also alleging he refused to put his hands behind his back. They say they were forced to put him on the ground. 

It is not clear from the report when the blood alcohol test came back or how it was eventually administered, but police say the man returned a BAC of .13, well above the limit of .08 in Pennsylvania. The man has since been booked on the above charges. So far, no court date has been made public. 

Leaving aside the unique details Pennsylvania police added to this report, the question of the man's innocence or guilt rests in the hands of the prosecution, who still bear the burden of proof. They must prove that whatever steps were taken by police on the scene were justified and not in violation of the man's rights. A failure to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the man was drunk at the time of his arrest could lead to the DUI charges being reduced or dropped altogether. 

Source: national.suntimes.com, "Cops: Flatulent DUI suspect blamed it on 'pork and mashed potatoes", Chad Merda, Jan. 25, 2016

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