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Overcoming legal obstacles re drunk driving in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania and all other states, driving is considered a privilege and not a personal right. Anyone formally accused of drunk driving in the state risks losing that privilege. There are various legal challenges that may arise following a drunk driving arrest that are typically best addressed through sound legal counsel.

Pennsylvania teacher under suspicion of drug crimes

A schoolteacher is under suspicion after her boyfriend fatally overdosed on heroin in February, according to local sources. The 35-year-old woman is suspected of drug crimes stemming from the incident that claimed the life of her boyfriend on Feb. 15. She is not currently being represented by an attorney, and she is currently suspended with pay from her position as teacher in Pennsylvania, pending a trial. 

Man accused of DUI in Pennsylvania

A man already accused of drunk driving has been further accused of showing up to his court date under the influence of alcohol, according to local sources. Pennsylvania news has reported that the 32-year-old Scottdale man, who was already facing a DUI charge dating back to 2011, may now face further charges after he allegedly got into an altercation with his mother at the courthouse. If convicted on any of these charges, including the original DUI, he could face almost two years in prison. 

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