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Pennsylvania senator facing DUI charges

A state senator is in hot water following a motorcycle crash that local police say may have been precipitated by drunk driving. Pennsylvania Senator Pat Browne could be facing DUI charges in connection with the May 3 crash. However, no official charges were filed in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Police are still looking into the accident and awaiting key evidence before choosing to file. 

Pennsylvania man faces DUI charge in fatal accident

A man believed to have been under the influence of medication has been blamed for the death of a 6-year-old boy, according to local sources. Pennsylvania police responded to the fatal accident on the night of April 5, which also saw two other occupants of the vehicle sent to the hospital in critical condition. The driver believed responsible is expected to be charged with DUI and perhaps other charges once the case is turned over to the District Attorney's office. 

Man suspected of drunk driving in Pennsylvania kills horse

A man police believe may have been intoxicated at the time of a car crash may be facing charges. Pennsylvania police detained the man on suspicion of drunk driving the night of March 17 after he ran his vehicle off the road. Apparently, a horse was also killed in the event. 

DUI charge for Pennsylvania man

A 25-year-old man accused of being drunk behind the wheel is facing serious charges following a fatal car accident, local sources have reported. The Pennsylvania man has been charged with DUI and vehicular homicide in connection with the car accident that killed two people in Philadelphia. It is unclear whether the man has secured legal counsel, but he was in police custody at last report. 

State officer faces DUI charge in Pennsylvania

A liquor control enforcement officer faces a drunk driving charge following a car accident in Hanover Township, according to local sources. The Pennsylvania officer has been charged with DUI following a Jan. 9 crash. He is currently free on his own recognizance, but he has been placed on restricted duty pending a court date. 

Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charge

A Chambersburg man is facing a serious charge following an alleged incident that apparently took place in the early morning of Sept. 15, according to local police. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the man in St. Thomas Township on suspicion of drunk driving. He has since been officially charged with driving under the influence and is currently awaiting a trial date.  

Pennsylvania woman arrested for DUI

One woman is in police custody following an alleged drunk driving incident during the early morning of Aug. 13. Pennsylvania police arrested the woman and charged her with DUI after a car accident involving a South East Pennsylvania Transit Authority vehicle. The officer involved suffered injuries in the accident, which may influence further charges if they are filed.

Man requests new trial after fatal drunk driving conviction

A Pennsylvania man who caused a fatal car accident back in 2011 is reportedly requesting a new trial of his case after being convicted of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. The conviction resulted in a sentence of 18 years in state prison.

Georgia man charged with DUI and leaving an accident

Following an automobile accident in Athens Township on Jan. 6, a man was taken into custody and faces multiple charges. Along with charges of drunk driving and failure to remain at the scene of a motor vehicle accident, the 54-year-old man was also issued a number of citations, including operating a vehicle without a valid inspection, operating a vehicle without insurance, careless driving and reckless driving.

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