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Montgomery County man facing assault charges

A 39-year-old Montgomery County man has been behind bars since Sept. 12 after being arrested for domestic assault. He is accused of punching his girlfriend and knocking her unconscious. A judge reviewed the case on Oct. 8 in Lansdale District Court and ordered the man to stand trial on charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Man arrested for alleged domestic violence attack

Police arrested a 32-year-old man in Phoenixville for domestic violence when he was accused of biting her after a celebration on Feb. 24. The suspect faces charges of harassment, simple assault and disorderly conduct. Court information indicates that someone called in a report of a domestic dispute. When the police responded, the officer observed a woman trying to get out of a vehicle as a man held on to her to thwart her efforts. He reportedly asked the man to step away from her, but he did not comply and was subsequently taken into custody.

Defendant sentenced in DV assault against new mom

A 23-year-old male recently confessed to punching the mother of his newborn baby at a Philadelphia medical facility. The January 2012 domestic assault incident occurred as they reportedly argued over naming their infant while his girlfriend was in the maternity ward; the suspect pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for the occurrence. According to court documents, law enforcement personnel investigated the defendant after a domestic disturbance call from the hospital. The new mother claimed that the couple was arguing over the infant's name. The defendant kicked a table toward her. As he held the baby, he pushed the mother, and she fell. He placed the infant in a crib but continued to call the mother names, and he struck the mother in the face twice.

Man accused of assault after arguing due to Dr. Phil show topic

A Pennsylvania man was accused of injuring his girlfriend after they argued about about the topic of the "Dr. Phil" show. After the alleged domestic assault, the man was taken into custody and charged with harassment and simple assault. The couple was involved in a heated discussion about the custody of their young child as well as previous relationships. The victim told law enforcement personnel that they were watching the "Dr. Phil" show together, which was about past relationships. The show sparked the argument between the two. The suspect has admitted to the argument but denies he injured her. However, the woman had injuries that substantiated her accusations. In addition, the police found a vase that was allegedly broken during the altercation.

Haverford man pleads guilty to assault after shooting wife

A Haverford man pled guilty to aggravated assault, a domestic violence felony, that arose from an incident when he shot his wife in the shoulder. He faced four additional charges, although those were withdrawn according to the terms of the plea agreement. Law enforcement personnel investigated the incident when the defendant called 911 to report that he shot his spouse. Police were already on their way to the residence in response to a 911 hang-up. When a dispatcher called back, the woman claimed her husband shot her. When officers arrived on the scene, the defendant initially did not want to leave the residence. However, they convinced him to exit and took him into custody. A 9 mm handgun was found in the residence.


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